Nutricional Therapist Harpenden
Nutricional Therapist Harpenden
Bespoke Nutritional Therapy
Harpenden, AL5 2PZ
I am excited to be joining Kate on her Feel Great in Fie programme starting 12th June for 5 weeks. For more information on this huge health reboot and how to join visit her website.

How long has your business been trading in St Albans and why is it unique?

Bespoke Nutritional Therapy has been my baby for 5 years and it took me 4 years to qualify. It aims to support busy, burnt out professional parents, with a unique online 5 week course called 'Feel Great in 5' and 'Bespoke 1:1' 12 week support that aims to reverse more entrenched health issues. I have a science based, no fuss approach with effective ways to change habits and create food freedom. The transformations are incredible, clients come to me feeling low, exhausted and overweight, they're often desperate for change and leave feeling positive, lighter, brighter and full of energy.

What is your personal connection to the City other than your business?

I have actually lived in Redbourne and then Harpenden as a child and came back over 18 years ago to be near family. I used to visit the market every Saturday when younger and later the yoga-hall, shops, restaurants and cafes. Since having children I am in St Albans every single day as they both swim for Costa (city of St Albans swim club) and I have friends and business meetings every single week in the city.

Describe your business moto in 3 words.


1 life goal - this can be realistic or pure fantasy.

Travel the world in my camper-van - waking to a new view and new experiences, eating delicious whole foods from around the world and moving every single day.
When we spoke I told you that I am trying to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes and I also have an under active thyroid, who else with autoimmune diseases can benefit?
Feel Great in 5 is the ultimate health reboot - if you're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, over weight or just plain blurgh then I urge you to sign up for this course - no more excuses. There will always be a reason why you feel rubbish and I aim to find this out. You may already know that you have a diagnosed health concern like Type 2 Diabetes or an issue with your Thyroid or maybe symptoms of the Menopause. Feel Great in 5 not only gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge about these health issues but it gives you the tools to rebalance and the support you need to make actionable change. In just 5 weeks you'll have the confidence not only to know what you need to do, but how to actually do it and see the change you deserve.
Kate to Karen: What do you think the challenges will be doing feel great in 5?
Karen: I think the first week will be hard to just get it into my routine and probably planning ahead - I am so last minute! Obviously cutting out alcohol too but to be honest my fitness journey is going so well at the moment it can only increase the results.