Book Shop St Albans
Book Shop St Albans
Books on the Hill
1 Holywell Hill, St Albans, AL1 1ER

How long has your business been trading in St Albans and why is it unique?

It will be three years this November 11th, we opened our doors in 2019 and sadly closed our physical door with the first lockdown 4 months after we opened. This was when our website went live and we opened ourselves up to the world with orders being placed for delivery in America, Japan and the Netherlands to name a few.

What is your personal connection to the City other than your business?

I grew up in St Albans, going to school just round the corner from where our shop is on the hill. I have also undertaken archaeological work in the park when I was studying my masters in Archaeology and I am fascinated by the Roman history of the city.

Describe your business moto in 3 words.

Community, escapism, joy.

1 life goal - this can be realistic or pure fantasy.

My life goal as a bookseller is to inspire those who may never have enjoyed reading before to find the perfect book for them.
What is your favourite genre of books and can you recommend a book to read?
I enjoy a wide range of genres in my reading tastes but do tend to find I am drawn to nature or travel. My most recent read was Cold Enough for snow by Jessica Au which whisks you away to Japan where a woman and her mother go on holiday and visit art galleries, bookshops and enjoy hikes. It was a beautiful and easy read as you become immersed into the beauty of Japan through Au's writing.
Antonia to Karen: What is a book that you would highly recommend reading that you personally enjoyed?
Karen: I really enjoy books with a twist, a murder and the complete opposite of my own life! Not too gory though so that I can still sleep at the end of the night. I recently read: A Flicker In The Dark by Stacy Willingham and loved it. I love the feeling of thinking I have worked the ending out but them another plot twist happens and proves me wrong.