Alex is such a fun, vibrant lady and her cakes definitely represent her personality! I have bought cakes from Alex in the past for Diwali, kids birthdays and they have gone down a TREAT! Highly recommend... the more creative the better - Karen x

How long has your business been trading in St Albans and why is it unique?

My business has been trading since mid November 2022, so only a couple of months, but I was previously a partner in Crave Cakes for 3 and a half years. I give a bespoke service to all my customers. I don't mind being shown photos for inspiration, but really I like to get to know a bit more about the recipient of the cake and then that gets my mind going with creative ideas. I don't just make cakes for a living, I'm always researching cake trends and looking for inspiration for the next bake. Also, I am constantly learning and practicing new techniques. Hopefully that shows in the cakes that I create.

What is your personal connection to the City other than your business?

I have lived in St Albans since 2007 with my husband, I came to Hertfordshire when I was 18 and studied at the University of Hertfordshire. My children attend school in St Albans and we have so many friends in the local area. We love the community feel of our small city. You can't go anywhere in St Albans without bumping into someone you know!

Describe your business moto in 3 words.

Delicious, Stylish and Bespoke

1 life goal - this can be realistic or pure fantasy.

To live in an apartment in London with my husband when our children have moved out and explore the city as much as possible. We loved to travel to different countries before our kids and would love to do that again when we've retired. Might be pure fantasy, but you never know! In terms of my cake business, I follow so many cake makers and find new trends all the time and I would love to come up with a new trend that other cake makers can't wait to try out! Imagine one of my cake designs going viral.
What is your favourite cake filling?
Well, that really is a difficult question to answer. I really like slightly spiced cakes, like ginger, pumpkin spice latte, or a carrot cake. Then with a cinnamon buttercream and a drizzle of caramel sauce - delish!!
Alex to Karen: If you could live anywhere in the world (apart from St Albans), where would you live? and what would you do there?
Karen: For me that is easy... Austin, Texas. My husband has always travelled there for work and although I have only been once I loved it! It is a City not unlike St Albans with lot's of shops, restaurants and bars. I would spend sometime getting the kids settled but then hopefully continue working on digital marketing.