Nutritionist St Albans
Nutritionist St Albans
Hannah Hope Nutrition
AL1, St Albans

How long has your business been trading in St Albans and why is it unique?

I've been trading in St Albans since I qualified 2 years ago after studying for 3 years at the prestigious college of natural medicine, lockdown was a challenging time to start a business and I set up in a different way to how I had envisioned. My business is online so I see clients from all over the country but in-person talks and events are local. I focus on Women's Health and the Peri-Menopause and Menopause. I chose this niche as I understand it, I'm living it too and I found many of clients were coming to me with symptoms related to this time of life. Taking the business online has enabled me to run successful group programmes, such as the '21 Day Hormonal Reset Programme' and I'm excited to announce there is a brand new one running in January 2023, a slightly different one that is for both Males and Females and all ages, its shorter and more affordable. The '14 Day January Detox' is on sale now! These programmes make my business unique, as well as seeing clients 1-2-1 and offering corporate talks on menopause or nutrition in the workplace, diversifying my offerings have expanded my audience.

What is your personal connection to the City other than your business?

I've lived in St Albans for over 17 years and I love it. We are so close to everything and can get to London or an airport in no time at all. My 3 children have only known this City as their home and all have been educated at the amazing local schools we have here. So my heart is here and my life.

Describe your business moto in 3 words.

Achievable Optimal Health

1 life goal - this can be realistic or pure fantasy.

Well, apart from having some amazing Grand Design type house with huge windows and interesting lines, more of a short term goal would be to appear in Vogue or Red Magazine. I'm inching my way there, so far this year I've been in Stylist, Psychologies Magazine, Happiful Magazine, Metro, Sunday Express/Mirror/Sun, the Daily Telegraph and other websites. I'd love to appear in print in Vogue or Red too. I honestly get such a thrill from it and it fulfils that yearning I had when I was school to be a journalist!
What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who thinks they are Peri-Menopausal?
If you believe you may be Peri-Menopausal, start tracking your cycles if you don't already. Note any symptoms that you find might be different, such as altered cycle lengths, heavier flow, worsening moods, aches and pains and such like. This gives you the knowledge to recognise what changes may be occurring. Nutrition wise, try to reduce your added free sugars, however delicious they might be or even if you think you need them as you are tired, they are not helping and are taking you on the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster.
Hannah to Karen Q: Where is your favourite place for Sunday Lunch in and around St Albans?
Karen A: Great one! Sunday lunch is my favourite meal of the week as all 5 of us spend it together. I have tried and tested many locally and return time and time again to Smallford Farm Shop, The Rose & Crown in Sandridge and if it is a super special occasion Prime. There are lots of others, that has made me think I need to do a Sunday Lunch Roundup Blog!