Opticians St Albans
Opticians St Albans
EYES on St Albans
63 The Quadrant, St Albans AL4 9RD

How long has your business been trading in St Albans and why is it unique?

4.5 years, the whole feel and attitude to retail optics is a breath of fresh air, with more 5 star reviews across platforms than any other independent in the world.

What is your personal connection to the City other than your business?

Schooled in St Albans since 1975 and has been my home town for much of the last 50 years. Recently became a district councillor (For my sins).

Describe your business moto in 3 words.


1 life goal - this can be realistic or pure fantasy.

To remove all forms of hardship and general toxicity in the human race to create general happiness for all.
What is your favourite tipple and where do you like to enjoy drinking it?
I LOVE most social alcohol drinks however rather partial to a Ratlers cider, I also love to to drink socially in any of our wonderful pubs in St Albans.
Jez to Karen: What would/can you do to improve toxic attitudes of some of St Albans people?
Karen: Keep communicating... Toxic people are a minority they just shout loudly - and if us positive people continue to talk, louder then things will hopefully change, or until they get bored and move on. No space welcome here for trolls!