Oxhey Park

Oxhey Activity Park

Watford Borough Council funded the Oxhey Activity Park development which opened in 2020. It is definitely in my top 5 places to take the children (ages 4 and 7). The park has been set up with accessibility in mind – suitable for wheelchair users throughout, sensory play as well as accessible for a huge age span, right up to adults! There is an onsite cafe, toilets and plenty of space.

The younger children have a brilliant park area, learner ramps and bike circuit while those more confident with advanced abilities can veer onto the faster paced ramps, skate run and off-road bike circuit track. A highlight for my 7 year old was right at the end when we were leaving, we sat and watched all of the super skilled borders on the street obstacles. I love the fact this is a place where teenages and young adults head for something to do!

For such a mixed group of ages and skills there was a feeling of chilled out fun, my 4 year old was happy zooming around most of the ramp areas alongside much older children. We decided to order a protective kit from Amazon for our next visit based on what the other skaters were wearing. I think we will also try and get a pre-used stunt scooter, we had just bought the Micro Scooter Cruise which is really good but not right due to the wheel size, it doesn’t glide over the ramps. In hindsight we could have ordered any of the stunt scooters in the Micro Scooter range and they would have been perfect.

The activity park is situated across the road from B&Q on the Watford ring road – or an 8 minute walk from Bushey Station. Coming from St Albans with the little ones, bikes, scooters and skateboards we drove – there is a tiny car park on site that we managed to get a space in but there is parking within walking distance with access via Dalton Way. 

We would highly recommend checking out the Oxhey Activity Park and we can’t wait to get back!

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