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A huge welcome to mySt Albans Mums blog, the site I never thought I would find the time or skills to create. To introduce myself very briefly – I am Karen (@stalbansmums), mum to three (6, 8 and 16), living in St Albans, Hertfordshire since 2007. I am also on FaceBook and set up a great, local group St Albans Mums – I create content for local businesses, share photos and videos from local events, write reviews and share snippets of my family.

This Directory is a collaboration with a very talented friend, Laurie – together we are building content and pages to highlight as many family and community related threads in and around Hertfordshire for you to experience and enjoy.

Currently I am working (paid) with various local brands – large and small to help raise awareness of their brands and campaigns, I will always be transparent if the posts and reviews I’m sharing are paid work or if I have been kindly gifted items. Also, almost always I use my own photos – photography is a hobby for me which I love, if they are not then I will credit the source.

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Karen x

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